Friday, June 15, 2007

Scallops - take II

Dinner party went well, good wine, great company and the food wasn't bad either. A few last minute improvisations were needed, but everything turned out just fine. ( I had intended to do a side of stuffed fried zucchini blossoms but they were past their prime from sitting in the fridge for a few days.) We started off with garlic crostini with ricotta and favas. The recipe was adapted from something I found on - generally I find their 4 fork rated recipes to be excellent. I thought this one was just OK. We followed that with a re-make of the yummy roasted beet, orange and goat cheese salad. For dinner we had some garlicky sauteed haricot vert, Sauvignon Blanc glazed shallots, and pan seared scallops with a tropical fruit sauce. Dessert was a re-run of the berry tiramisu but done in wine glasses. Yum all around. An added bonus- I got to use some of my new goodies from the wedding - note the dishes- silverware, napkin ring, and the wine glasses. YAY new stuff!

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